Strategic Partners

Our Partnerships begin with the Investment Banks

We always include as our morning keynote speaker a Chief Investment Strategist from Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, UBS, Deutche Bank or Cowen & Company. For historical perspective, in 1998 we received headlines when we became the first to webcast an investor conference, a full year ahead of the investment banks.

Our partnerships include relationships with five other institutions who invite a comprehensive range of investors.

  • Using Zach’s Research we insure we invite buy-side analysts, portfolio managers, and sell-side analysts
  • Working with the next three partners we reach significant target markets. They include 1) Thomson Reuters “Street Events”, 2) the Fly on the Wall” and “3) Wall Street Calendar” they electronically distribute our conference schedule inviting a full spectrum/range of investors to attend your meetings.
  • We’re also working with Content Carnivores to share presenting company announcements, press releases and webcasts to their investor-focused social network.
  • Issuer Direct Corporation will provide webcasting and financial press releases for each company.
  • To provide you additional assurance your management, and each of the presenting companies may also invite investors. We allow each presenter to invite targeted investors.