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Comments from Analysts/Porfolio Managers

“There is always the satisfaction of uncovering a previously unknown company of merit. Without the forum I wouldn’t have this kind of exposure.”

Marshall Wolf
Wolf Capital Management


“The Forum is a great opportunity for institutional investors to see some of the best corporate success stories in an effective format.”

Peter Lynch
(Former Portfolio Manager/Author & Trustee)
Fidelity Management & Research



“The Wall Street Institutional Investor Conference offers a wide range of companies especially in the areas of pharmaceuticals and technology. These presentations provide an insight into small, growth opportunities.”

John Wilson
Jesup & Lamont


“The Forum brought to my attention companies I wouldn’t have know about and made me able to exchange one-on-one views with other presenting companies.”

Pierre S. Brull
PB Holdings



“The Wall Street Institutional Investor Conference has consistently provided me with opportunities to hear both new and well known companies of value. The Forum offers presentations usually somewhat longer and with more depth than those of other conferences. I have come to expect that these conferences, there will be companies I do not know- though I have been in the securities business for over thirty years.”

Matthew Zuckerbraun
Zuckerbraun Argyle Associates


“Great opportunity to meet managements in a “right-sized” meeting format. Thanks for organizing it.”

Nathaniel S. Prentice
Matrix U.S.A., LLC



If your company has an interest in presenting or obtaining a conference description package, please contact Gerald Scott, President, at (802) 253-7596.

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