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Our Exclusively Virtual Conference Format

Our exclusively virtual investor conferences are ideally suited for companies looking to achieve maximum attendance regardless of an investor’s geographic location, while obtaining significant cost savings, particularly in this environment with the Coronavirus threat.

Your virtual conference includes up to 4.5 hours of  CEO/CFO group presentations with Q&A, group break-out sessions and 1-on-1 meetings with investors.  We offer more investor meeting time than any other virtual investor conference. This includes:

  • 20-minute corporate group PowerPoint presentation and Q&A session (optional full-motion video) immediately followed by
  • 35-minute break-out open to all investors (optional full-motion video) immediately followed by
  • 1-on-1meetings – your management will have up to (7) subsequent 30-minute 1-on-1 investor meetings (optional full-motion video)
  • If an investor cannot attend your presentation and Q&A live, it is retrievable for up to 90 days
  • Ability to analyze traffic and attendee data for both the live event and archived views of your company’s presentation and assets
  • Significant cost savings in time and travel

We have contracted with Issuer Direct, the leading webcasting firm for quarter earnings releases and institutional investor conferences, to conduct the webcasting and partner with us in the outreach to investors.

In February 1998, We Made Investor Relations History

Our firm made investor relations history by when we became the first to webcast live our institutional investor conference of 100 presenting NYSE/NASDAQ companies at the New York Hilton. Our webcasting of this event was featured on CNBC, Bloomberg, Barron’s, the WSJ, etc… and we subsequently went on the NIRI national speaking circuit.

Since 1989, The Wall Street Investor Forum has sponsored 85 growth conferences for NYSE/NASDAQ/OTC corporations in New York, Boston & London. Over 1,800 different public corporations ranging from Microsoft, Pfizer, General Electric, Biogen, Adobe, Medtronics, Mylan Labs, McKesson to Mattel have presented, and analysts and portfolio managers from over 3,000 different institutions have attended.

Previous 1800+ Presenting Public Companies

Microsoft, General Electric, Pfizer, American Greetings, McKesson, Biogen, Nokia, Unilever, Mattel, Medtronics, Adobe, Whirlpool, MGM Resorts, IHOP, Wyndham, Apache, Royal Caribbean Cruises, ABIOMED, BRINKS, Dollar Tree, E-Trade, HAGGAR, Manpower, Papa Johns, Sprint…

Click here for list of past presenting companies

Who Presents?


Sectors: exclusively virtual investor conferences

Healthcare Healthcare (30%)   Technology  Technology (20%)

Consumer/Growth  Consumer/ Growth (15%)  Financial  Financial (15%)

Mining/ Energy/ Industrial/ Other  Mining/ Energy/ Industrial/ Other (20%)


Market Cap: exclusively virtual investor conferences

Under $600M Under $600M (60%)

Under $2B  Under $2B (30%)

Over $2B Over $2B (10%)

Several hundred equity management firms typically attend, including J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley Asset Management, Neuberger Berman, Dreyfuss, Goldman Sachs, Fidelity Management, and Black Rock.

Click here for list of past attending institutions

Who Attends?


Investor Breakdown: exclusively virtual investor conferences

Institutional Institutional (50%)   RIAs  RIAs (15%)

Family Office  Family Office (15%)  HNW  HNW (15%)  Other  Other (5%)

Our virtual conference is limited to 60 presenting public companies, 30 presenting on each day.

All categories of institutional and retail investors attend regardless of geographic location.

How We Maximize Your Virtual Investor Attendance

To maximize your virtual investor conference attendance, we electronically distribute a comprehensive schedule of presenters to all categories of investors which include the tens of thousands of institutional and professional investors that subscribe to these highly regarded digital financial platforms. We work with more financial content partners than any other investor conference to maximize your attendance.

Zacks Database of Institutional and Professional Investors

We use the Zacks database of global professional investors to directly invite the broadest base of institutional investors, sell side analysts and registered investment advisors.


We Always Allow Presenting Public Companies To Invite Key Investors

We provide you and your investor relations firm the additional assurance of allowing your management to invite investors. This includes your announcement of your participation in a press release.

“The Wall Street Investor Forum is a great conference for investors to meet corporate success stories in an effective format”

– Peter Lynch – Trustee, Author & Former Portfolio Manager – Fidelity Management


“I have been the keynote speaker at several Wall Street Investor Forum Conferences, and I have done so because they are very well organized and attended.”

– Charlie Clough – Chief Investment Strategist – Bank of America / Merrill Lynch


“I have spoken at numerous Wall Street Investor Forum Investor Conferences and I have always found them well attended and highly regarded.”

– Abby Joseph Cohen – Chief Investment Strategist – Goldman Sachs

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